Rediscover Your Happiness!
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Self Worth, Self Esteem, and Self Confidence all increase with daily affirmations and Bible verses.  Help yourself to rediscover and keep your happiness and joy.

Proverbs  3:5-6


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DROP ZONE Your mind has permanent mental pictures of everything that has happened in your life, whether or not you consciously remember the events.  These mental pictures directly influence your life.

Your memories, including those of which you are unaware (things that you have been told, things that you have seen, heard and otherwise experienced in your life) all influence your thoughts, beliefs and, most importantly, your words which – in turn - directly affect your whole world.  

Your experiences influence your happiness and confidence, your feelings of self-worth and self-esteem. 

Let’s break it down some more.

Your brain, like a computer, attempts to accomplish whatever suggestions it receives from you through your thoughts, through your feelings and especially through your words.  To your brain, the thoughts and words you constantly feed it are the instructions that you want it to follow. 

Unfortunately, if you constantly think, feel, or verbalize that you are unhappy, your brain will obediently comply with your instructions.  It will also obediently comply, if your thoughts are the exact opposite.  Being an impersonal machine, your brain does not differentiate between the positive and the negative; it just follows your “orders”.   

Our thoughts and our words are so powerful that they directly affect outcomes.  It makes sense that we should become aware of and take control of our thoughts and especially our words.  Change your words and you definitely will change your life.

Think back to something that you really wanted in life and you actually got.  Consider how much time you spent thinking about and focusing on the something that you wanted.  How often did you say aloud, “I want”, “I need” or “I have to have” that thing?  The more you verbalized it the more your brain believed that it had an instruction to follow.

Now had you followed the “I want it” with a “but I won’t be able to have it”, then guess what?  Your brain would have cancelled out the “I want” instruction because of the “but….” instruction.  

Your “I want” is a desire while your “but…” is a belief.  Your beliefs are much stronger than your desires.

While you may not be able to control your beliefs, you can control your mouth and all that it says.

Negative thoughts and words that outnumber positive thoughts and words can distort your view of the whole world and everybody in it.

That’s where Bible Verses and Affirmations come in…


Depression and anxiety can slowly creep into your life, brought on by harmful negative thoughts that get in the way of happiness.  By the time that you realize there is a problem, your positive thoughts have been crowded out by the n negative thoughts which are becoming a habit. 

Your thoughts, positive or negative, determine your experiences.  Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly giving directions to your mind.  Your mind, a powerful spiritual gift from God, takes your every thought and word very seriously.

"I knew this was going to happen" is something that we all have said at one time or another.  It's likely that "knowing this was going to happen" and saying so actually helped it to happen.  The good news is that we can be sure - ahead of time - that Something Good will happen, by intentionally keeping positive thoughts in the mind and positive words in the mouth.

Come on and rediscover your peace, your happiness, and your joy.  Reclaim your self-worth and self-esteem.  Get your confidence back!  Have more faith and hope.

It has been proven that it takes around 30 days to make or break any habit.  Can you spare 10 minutes when you wake up each morning and 10 minutes at bedtime, for just 30 days - in order to defeat depression?

In that time you can begin training your mind to think more positively. That is your first step toward avoiding depression and improving your life

Carry Cards a deck of healing Bible verses and affirmations. 

Get your deck of affirmation cards and begin your spiritual journey back to natural self-confidence.  The cards are a great way to quietly condition your mind and pass the time during your rapid transit commutes to and from work, while you're sitting in waiting rooms, etc.  They fit comfortably in your hands.

Afford yourself 30 days and change your life.  Reclaim the joy and self-worth that you know still exist within you.  Let the next 30 days be "the beginning of your new beginning". 

Your thoughts and your words determine your future.  "As a man thinketh...". 

Commit to the following routine and change your life: 
Each morning read your cards ALOUD when you wake up - after first  reading a few verses from your Bible's New Testament.  The Gospel of St John is very helpful.  Read aloud so that you HEAR THE WORDS.  "Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God".  Repeat this procedure just before you retire each night.

Your mind will often focus on the first things it hears when you wake up and the last things that it hears before sleep.  Your mind keeps working even while you are sleeping.

Start experiencing the peace and happiness that you deserve...

The full deck has 54 cards with impactful affirmations, one of which is a personal "Thank you, Father for _______" card.  Fill in the blank with that special something for which you are having faith.

Use this card to believe for a specific thing that you really want.  Once you get that specific thing you can refill that blank with something different that you need.   

Grab your cards any time you need a lift.



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