Turn $49 into more than $100 at your local flea market.


Popular items sell quickly and easily at flea markets all year round.  Get a Vendor Starter Pack and set up a table at your local flea market.  Make Some Money! 

Gather things in your home that you no longer use, need, or want.  Dust them off and sell them quickly at bargain prices.  Set these items on one side of your table. 

On the other side put new merchandise.   If you want to sell any unused gadgets and/or electronics, unworn shoes, purses, etc., set them up on this side.          


Try your hand as a flea market vendor.


Starter Paks are filled with quality merchandise: leather goods, jewelry, flasks, pocket knives and more. 


Gender specific selection is available.

Tell us something that you would like to have included in your starter pak.  Describe it in the "I feel lucky" space(s). 

Examples: red leather cap, ring #1203 black keychain flask, etc. 

If it is available, we will include it in your Pak!

S&H is $5.99.

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