Welcome to the Potluck Flea Market where you never know what you may find on any given day so keep coming back.  Feel free to window shop as long as you like.  We hope that you see something that you cannot resist.  Welcome, Vendors.



Ring Liquidations

Sell merchandise here freely.  We do not  charge transaction fees nor a percentage of your sales.  Your money comes directly to you through Paypal buttons.

Your booth displays in 70 different languages and Paypal handles most currencies. 

Booth and setup cost for up to five pictures, descriptions and Paypal button is only $15.

Skin Pleasers moisturizers

Hand-Made Feather Charm Earrings

The booth rate is $15 for 90 days.

Give your booth's link to your friends and contacts.  You get all the social links.  The flea market is listed with Bing, Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

When the flea market is advertised your booth is automatically advertised too.  

Fancy Flasks   

It's  a manual system and it's real simple to get started.  Email to us pictures of the merchandise with their descriptions and prices. 

We add Paypal buttons that send credit card and debit card payments directly to your email address.  If you create your own Paypal buttons, we install them. 

We  also add a contact form so that your customers can communicate with you.

Affirmation Cards


Bicycle Lights

Make An Offer!

If anything in our market especially appeals to you, contact us.  Tell us the booth, the item, and your offer.  We will work something out.