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How to keep Canadian geese out of your yard...

Keep geese out of your yard.....
How do I keep geese out of my yard, how to keep geese off my property, how can I keep geese away..  Increasingly, similar questions are being asked all across the country these days.

Day after day geese are wreaking havoc throughout communities, leaving droppings in one yard after another.

Walking, cycling, pushing babies in strollers used to be pleasant family activities.  More and more, those activities are becoming nightmares as families track germ-filled goose droppings into their homes on the bottoms of their shoes and on the wheels of bikes and baby carriages.

“The main problem people have with Canada geese is aesthetic - droppings on grass and walkways. Large flocks of Canada geese have become common in parks, golf courses, and other open space across North America.  And where there are geese, there are droppings.”  
                                                                                                                                                           -  Humane Society of United States.

Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington State, Washington D.C. and Wisconsin are among the growing number of areas affected by the Canadian goose overpopulation within the United States.

Canadian geese hang out in open areas where they can feed without interference from people
or predators.  Notice that, while the others eat, sentries are on the alert for possible trouble.


All-natural, inexpensive Geese-Out helps you to discourage Canadian geese from hanging out in your yard.  Like many people, geese keep it simple.  If they don’t enjoy themselves in your yard, they don’t stay - so make their visits unpleasant.

You can try different solutions.  I
f you want to keep it simple, use Geese-Out so that Canadian geese will not like you, your yard, or your grass. quote: "geese are more prone to avoid sites where repellents have been used, if alternative sites
are available."

It is impossible to cover every single blade of grass in any yard.  Additionally, when it rains hard enough the spray is washed away.  Eventually, the geese learn to avoid the treated grass and find spots in your yard that were missed.

There is, however, a way to discourage geese from wanting to enter your yard. 

Keep in mind that Canadian geese are intelligent and alert.  Usually, after you chase geese out of your yard they come right back again and again.  They just wait until you go back inside the house since that's what you usually do - and they know it.

Keep also in mind that these geese can be quite aggressive with humans.  They have huge powerful wings that can hurt you.  They have been known to chase and even attack people who came too close to the young ducklings.  There have even been reports of geese crashing picnics and taking food.


So, what is it about Geese-Out that keeps Canadian geese away?

Geese-Out is an all-natural combination of specific plants and herbs in a juice mixture the taste of which is so repulsive to Canadian geese that they often run for the water. 

Rather than spraying gallons of Geese-out all over your yard, spray the geese instead.  Yes, spray the geese.  The bitter juice mix may give them a bad taste in their mouths and maybe even cause a bit of indigestion but does not hurt them.

Geese usually show up very early in the morning and then again in the early afternoon.  Stand inside your house with your sprayer's nozzle set to stream.

Once the geese are in your yard, come outside streaming Geese-Out!  The on-duty sentry may hiss at you and even spread his wings, so keep a safe distance in case you need to get back inside the house.

Aim straight for their mouths.  Also, because geese groom one another's feathers with their mouths, spray up in the air over the geese too - to get the mixture on their feathers.  They hate the taste of Geese-Out and they thoroughly despise being sprayed with anything, including water.

Continue this process until you notice that the geese regularly walk right past your home on their way to feed on more palatable grass in less unfriendly territory.  Keep the Geese-Out nearby, just in case they come back.

Sometimes you have to make a choice.  The Canadian geese are in your community to stay.  Every year there are more of them - all year round.  They are not going anywhere soon but you can at least discourage them from coming around your place.  I have chosen to keep geese out of my yard.

For years Canadian geese would fly over my neighborhood on their way south.  One year they actually stopped and did not leave.  At first I would take pictures of these magnificent birds, especially the babies. 

It took only a few years for the geese to become an absolute nuisance - poop in yards and in the street, car horns honking at geese that hold up traffic, geese hissing at people who walk down the road.
I finally got tired of chasing them out of my yard. 
I researched things that geese dislike.  I tried one mixture after another until I came up with what became an effective solution for me.

I tried spraying the entire yard but the geese were smart enough to find spots that were not soaked enough in the spray.  Also rain kept washing the spray away so I was wasting money.

Because Geese-Out can be messy wear old clothes, including old shoes.

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