Tell "IT" Anonymously...   Say "IT" in Private...   Get "IT" Out of Your System...

Vent Aloud Privately!
Something you've been holding in?
Someone getting on your last nerve?
Does needing that job keep you quiet?
Is there someone you'd like to "tell off"?
Just want to vent and express yourself? 


Gossip Anonymously!

What's the latest at work?
Who did something?
What do you wish people knew?
What are your neighbors up to?
Just feel like gossiping?

Secrets Stay Secret!
Speak freely!
What haven't you told anyone?
What has someone told you?
What did you see or hear?
Got a secret you don't want repeated?


Say aloud anything and everything that you want to say but you don't say it for one reason or another.

Maybe you don't want to hurt someone's feelings or maybe you don't want to make someone angry.  

Maybe you want to practice before you decide to actually speak up.

I will listen to whatever it is that you need to say.  I can listen quietly or I can interact with you.  That is your decision and you can change your decision at any time because you have the floor.

Any response that I might give will be my personal opinion.  For five minutes you can talk all you want about whatever you want. 

You can talk, you can text, or you can email.

Get it off your chest so you can move on... 
Do not identify or name any person/company.


I am usually logged in all day and half of the evening too.  I check regularly for vent requests and I respond quickly.  

Save the last 7 digits of your Paypal payment transaction ID as your "key".  When I receive your payment I will email you my available session times and your instructions.   You will be able to increase the call length, if you so choose.  If you send your payment after I have logged out for the day, I will contact you in the morning. 

Become A Listener for extra income.

This is my personal site.  I use it to offer the Vent with Me service.  I decide my hours and I personally set up  my appointments.   I keep 50% of all the payments that I receive.

If you are a good listener, you have a lot of patience and you are responsible enough to work independently and unsupervised, then this could be a great flex time opportunity for you.

Work as many hours as you want.  This is your business.  You own it.

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