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Handmade quickly absorbed hard lotion bar stick provides soothing moisture to dry itching spots on your skin.  Made with organic oils and other natural ingredients.  1/2" by 2 1/2".  .15 oz.

Fragrance-Free  $5.99   Fragrances  $6.99   All fragrances are copies.

A little goes a long way.  Slide the stick over the dry spots and rub in.  carry it with you in your pocket or purs
As we age, more and more skin hydration is key to helping us to stave off wrinkly, dry, cracked, ashy hands and feet. There are people of all ages who have naturally dry skin.  Often it's dry, itchy patches of skin that need regular lubrication.

Use our vegan, all natural moisturizing skin products and you will want to become an affiliate so you can share what you've found and make money doing it.  Our products are made with organic oils, without chemicals, without preservatives, and without water.  

Use all over your body to keep your skin hydrated and beautiful! Fun fragrances or choose Fragrance-Free.      

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