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All-Natural Extra Moisturizing Lotion Sticks
Effective Affordable Relief - With or Without Hemp CBD!

Made by Hand - Vegan - Beautifying - Age-Defying - Always Freshly Made

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Solid Lotion Stick  .15oz
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Solid Lotion Stick .5oz

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Solid Lotion Stick 1.8oz 

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- Skin Pleasers all-natural moisturizing and beautifying lotion sticks for your whole family are available with and without the nourishing benefits of Hemp CBD Oil that is made from organic USA-grown hemp.  While all Skin Pleasers solid lotions are great for lip gloss, for moisturizing under eyes, cuticles and nails, dry and itchy patches of skin, etc., the new CBD line has been especially formulated to help relieve the discomfort and stiffness that can accompany inflammation in your hands, your lower back, your neck, your hip and/or your knees.
An alternative to ingested solutions that travel through your digestive system, simply apply Skin Pleasers CBD topicals directly to the sensitive areas and massage until absorbed.  

The non-greasy non-sticky texture feels great and gently calms dry, itchy patches of skin.  With or without CBD, these lotion sticks become your good friends.

These products include no chemicals, no preservatives, no beeswax.

Affordability - A little bit goes a long way.  Place a pinch; allow it to melt to body temperature and then spread it over the area.  The small stick can travel with you, conveniently coming to the rescue for dry skin and tight muscle moments. 

Senior citizens, athletes, veterans, anyone with inflammation or sensitive dry skin can enjoy soothing effective moisturizing relief without breaking the bank.

Developed by a senior citizen to keep her own naturally dry skin moisturized and to help relieve her discomfort of inflammation from arthritis and bursitis, Skin Pleasers will leave you feeling good!  Use as needed. 


A combination of 100% pure, natural, vegan ingredients make up these super moisturizing products.  In a one-person home kitchen operation, small batches are made by hand as needed so the products are always fresh.  

fragrance-free or select from lightly-scented fragrance copies.

Melts at body temperature.  Not for your pockets.  Not for hot glove compartments. 

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With CBD

CBD Solid Lotion Stick .15oz 
CBD 3mg
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CBD Solid Lotion Stick .5oz      CBD 10mg 
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CBD Solid Lotion Stick 1.8oz    CBD 36mg
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