All-Natural Extra Moisturizing Lotion Stick
Made by Hand - Vegan - Beautifying - Age-Defying - Always Freshly Made

Presented By A Small Senior Home Business

    Get your membership and your personal lotion stick.

Moisturizes every inch of your body.  Use on lips, face, hands and feet, elbows and ankles - anywhere that your skin is dry.

Handmade, All-Natural quickly absorbed hard lotion bar stick provides soothing moisture to dry itching spots on your skin.  Made with organic oils and other natural ingredients.

A little goes a long way.  Slide the stick over the dry spots and rub in thoroughly.  Keep it with you in your pocket or purse. 

Note: Contact us about shipping to non-U.S. addresses.

As we age skin hydration is usually the key to helping us to avoid wrinkly, dry, cracked, ashy hands and feet. To be honest, there are people of all ages who have naturally dry skin.  Often it's dry, itchy patches of skin that need regular lubrication.

Use our Vegan, Non-GMO, All-Natural Moisturizing Skin Products and you will want to become a partner so you can share with others what you've found and make money doing so.  Skin Pleasers products are made with organic oils, without chemicals, without preservatives, and without water.  

Use the lotion stick to hydrate those dry spots and crusty patches, keeping your skin soft and beautiful!    

As a distributor you have your Skin Pleasers website for earning immediate commissions on all purchases made there.  You also get commissions on purchases made at downline websites.  How it works.

As a distributor you can build your own inventory of our products at distributor prices and sell them for yourself from your home or business, priced as you choose.  

Private labelling is available so that you can sell products with your custom design.
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