Hanna and Tank are the parents


Meet Ophelia (Black Girl 1) - Pink collar.  Sweet and calm.  Already barking like a watch dog.
At Home with NJ family, including 2 older chow chows who have accepted her.  She is beautiful and very smart!

Ummm...  big dog food...


Meet Xena (Black Girl 2) - Green collar.  Loves to play with everybody, including me.  Gives good kisses.
Gone Home with MA family.


Meet Nova (Black Girl 3)
Gone Home with MA family.

Yellow collar.  Active, Alert.

Loves attention.



Meet Black Boy.  Blue collar.  Likes to cuddle.  First one to escape the box.  Pretty independent.
Gone home with MA family.  




Shayna and Nikota, parents of the puppies in the video.  See their updated pictures below.
See their baby pictures. 

(Cream Girl 2) - Mochi picked up by her NY family.



Happy Birthday, Mochi!

(Red Boy 1)  -  Red Cloud-Picked up by his MA family. 


(Red Boy 2)  Ryder-Picked up by his PA family. 

(Cream Boy 2)  Morocco-Picked up by his RI family. 


(Red Girl 1)  
Ruby-Picked up by her MA family.


(Cream Boy 1)  Winnie-Picked up by his MA family. 



(Cream Girl 3)  No updates yet - Picked up by her NY family. 



(Cream Girl 1 -)
Chloe-Picked up by her NH family. 

See Nikota and Shayna's first litter and their updated pictures.
Tessie, Leia, Ko-Ko, Tank, Blue, and Uschi  
See more of Nikota and Shayna's puppies.
Kai, Pepper, Anubis, and Ivan

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