(Cinnamon Boy)
Sushi - Home in NY

(Red Boy)
Kai - Home in CT
with cats

Pretty Black Girl 

Sweet little girl with a beautiful coat. She comes when she is called and loves going outside.

Black Boy
Gone to MA home

No picture updates yet

(Cream Boy)
  Khan - Home in MA


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(Cream Girl 2) - Mochi picked up by her NY family.



Happy Birthday, Mochi!

(Red Boy 1)  -  Red Cloud-Picked up by his MA family. 


(Red Boy 2)  Ryder-Picked up by his PA family. 

(Cream Boy 2)  Morocco-Picked up by his RI family. 


(Red Girl 1)  
Ruby-Picked up by her MA family.


(Cream Boy 1)  Winnie-Picked up by his MA family. 



(Cream Girl 3)  No updates yet - Picked up by her NY family. 



(Cream Girl 1 -)
Chloe-Picked up by her NH family.