Red Girl 1 - has her new family.  She's wearing the red ribbon in the video.
Spunky and alert, she barks, if she hears any sudden noises.  She is a natural little watch dog.   She enjoys cuddling and she uses the wee wee pads most of the time.  Very affectionate, a smart little lady.  

Cream Girl 1 - she pulled her pink ribbon off - no ribbon at all in the video. 
This little precious sweetie was the smallest of them all but she has caught up now.  She would cuddle all day, if she could.  Very calm, sharp and observant.  She is a real sweetheart.

Cream Girl 2 - wearing the blue ribbon in the video.
What a cutie who still doesn't enjoy sitting for her pictures.  She used to be pretty quiet but now she enjoys running back and forth as all the puppies chase one another.  Growing quickly and she likes cuddling.

Cream Girl 3 - wearing the lavender ribbon in the video.
This pretty little girl loves to snuggle and patiently waits for her turn to be picked up.  She may be the smallest right now but she jumps right in the mix when her siblings are tussling.  

Red Boy 2 - wearing the orange and yellow flames bandana in the video.
Is he light red or cinnamon?  Only time will tell.  He still does not enjoy having his picture taken.  Quite a daring explorer, he is the very first puppy to escape the box.  He also likes to give good kisses. 

Cream Boy 2 - wearing the red, white and blue flag print bandana in the video.
This handsome young man looks very serious but he has quite a sense of humor and puppy silliness.  He's very alert and wants to see and sniff everything around him.  He's getting nice and thick.

Red Boy 1 - has his new family.  He's wearing the black bandana in the video.
The largest puppy and growing more handsome every day.  Laid back like his papa, he also plays a lot.  He is becoming quite affectionate and greets me when I enter the room.

Cream Boy 1 - has his new family.  He's wearing the red and white paisley bandana in the video. 
Also quite large, this busy boy is not shy.  He can be very affectionate - loves to cuddle and give kisses.  He plays a lot with his siblings but is also an independent adventurer.