Sell them - Keep them for yourself - Give them as gifts

They're called "potluck packs" which means that you don't know what's in the packs.  Savings and satisfaction make up for the mystery.

Flea market retail values of these brand new pieces of quality are easily up to
$8 each piece but many prices here are lower than wholesale.

Your pack has a minimum of 10 pieces.  We also add Free Bonus Items with every purchase as our Thank You!

We have multiples of items and you may get something that you see here.  Below are the contents of some actual in-stock potluck packs.

If during payment you enter a pack number in the Paypal customer instructions area and we still have it, its picture here will be replaced with another available pack.

Potluck Pack #1
Potluck Pack #2
Potluck Pack #3
Potluck Pack #4
Potluck Pack #5
In the Paypal customer instructions indicate your favorite pack(s) of the 5 packs.  If we still have it, it's yours.