Miswak - Nature's Toothbrush

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The miswak is a tooth cleaning twig made from a twig of the Salvadora persica tree. A traditional alternative to the modern toothbrush, it has a long, well-documented history and is reputed for its medicinal benefits.

In addition to strengthening the gums, preventing tooth decay and eliminating toothaches, the miswak is also said to halt further increase in decay that has already set in.

Furthermore, it is said to create a fragrance in the mouth, eliminate bad breath, improve sensitivity of taste-buds and promote cleaner teeth.

The Natural Nutrients found in miswak are fluorine (twice the amount found in toothpastes), silicon, Vitamin C, salvadorine and trimethylamine.  The minerals in this root or twig include potassium, sodium, chloride, sodium bicarbonate and calcium oxides.

These ingredients all strengthen tooth enamel.

The bark contains an antibiotic which suppresses the growth of bacteria and the formation of plaque.  Research show that regular use of miswak significantly reduces plaque and gingivitis.  It naturally strengthens and protects the enamel with resins and mild abrasives for whiter teeth and fresher breath.  It reduces stains from tobacco products, coffee and teas.

The form of the twig makes it easier to get to the places that are hard to reach for a standard toothbrush.  It massages the gums for healthier teeth.



  • Kills bacteria that causes gum disease
  • Fights plaque effectively
  • Useful and effective for teeth whitening
  • Helps reduce tooth decay
  • Removes bad breath and mouth odors
  • Creates a fragrance in the mouth
  • Effectively cleans between the teeth
  • Increases salivation and hence inhibits dry mouth

To use your miswak stick:

Remove the stick from the package and trim or chew the bark off one end of the stick; about a 1/2 inch. Chew on the exposed end until the twig forms bristles. Brush as usual. No toothpaste required. The miswak will freshen the mouth. When bristles look like an old broom cut off the exposed bristles, peel bark and start anew.

All information above was extracted from several internet reports.