Multiple Streams of Income Center

Taking advantage of one or more of these opportunities is sure to increase your online income.  All of the businesses here are part of the FANAFI Village Business Community and every time that one of these businesses advertises, the entire community benefits with increased online visibility!  Bring your teams, lists, referrals and other contacts so that they can make additional income too. 

1. Cannabis Seeds Sales Affiliates
Earn commissions by posting your links.  Leave the marketing process and the deliveries to the experts.  Just bring the customers to them.
Attract affiliates for your downline.

2. Skin Pleasers Affiliates 
Earn commissions linking people to affordable dry skin relief. Get some for your family so you can honestly promote the product.

Products are handmade fresh by a senior citizen working from home. 

3. Flea Market Vendors.  
Feature your products and services, along with other vendors like yourself.  You can ship, deliver, or allow pickup just like at a physical booth.
Add links, banner ads, and PayPal buttons.
4. Income Booster Affiliates 
A one-time $10 startup fee brings you immediate $5 commissions every time a new referral signs up at your site.  Just keep reposting your link.  Keep it simple.
5. Potluck Jewelry Grab Bags.  
For Business or for pleasure, grab a mystery bag ofgreat  low-priced items.  Give them as gifts, sell them, or keep them for yourself.  Vendors, get your feet wet.
Become A Listener for extra income.
This is my personal site.  I use it to offer the Vent with Me service.  I decide my hours and I personally set up  my appointments.   I keep 50% of all the payments that I receive.