Welcome to the Income Opportunities page of FANAFI Village.  Taking advantage of one or more of these opportunities is sure to increase your online income.  All of the businesses here are part of the FANAFI Village Business Community and every time that one of these businesses advertises, the entire community benefits with greater increased online visibility and presence!

1. Get a permanent page for your products and services, with 2 images, 2 links, and a personal PayPal button.  Contact us for this income opportunity.


2. Skin Pleasers Affiliates make their money because they:

Link customers to a real skin moisturizing product that brings dry skin relief to people of all ages.

Attract more affiliates to do Step !.

Note: This vendor makes the products herself by hand.

And... She is a senior citizen.

3. Flea Market Vendors.  Seasoned vendors and first-timers alike, feature your products and services, along side of other vendors like yourself.  You can ship, deliver, or allow pickup just like at a physical booth.

Add links, banner ads, and PayPal buttons.  Set it up, start receiving money and move on to the next goal.

4. Flea Market Affiliates bring customers to the flea market vendors in the FANAFI Village Community.  Affiliates make money because they:

Link people to the flea market booths where they can find great items at great prices.

Attract more affiliates to Step 1.

5. Potluck Grab Bags.  For Business or for pleasure, grab a mystery bag ofgreat  low-priced items.  Give them as gifts, sell them, or keep them for yourself.  Vendors, get your feet wet.


6. Potluck Jewelry Grab Bags.  Same as number 5 above but with a focus on jewelry.