$50 Direct Payments to You
Keep Half - Send the Balance Forward
15% Affiliate Auto-Rebates on All Purchases

The Original Income Boosters
- Still Going Strong!

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A great Income Booster for you with real products at real Online Flea Market Booths, and Paypal to securely process all payments.  You make money by bringing in both people who love shopping and new members like you who want to make money.
During registration new members pay $50 directly to you.

  • Post ads to attract shoppers, advertisers, and more entrepreneurs like you.
  • Your ads get seen worldwide and attract advertisers who need more traffic.
  • You're on Bing, Google and Yahoo. Social links expand your online presence.
  • Just Socialize and Advertise!  That's it!

Alert advertisers and other entrepreneurs will stop at your site and join you as your affiliates.  Many of them will make purchases.

Whether you’re just tired of being broke or you have a specific financial goal in mind, this is a simple and effective way to get more money into your hands.
Who We Are
We are an internet community of independent hard-working people.  We have flea market vendors, advertisers, shoppers, and various other business clients. 

Vendors offer merchandise and services at great prices.  The flea market provides a great multilingual site for buying and selling worldwide.
Our affiliates advertise and get the word out about our community.  In return, vendors give affiliates discounts on their online merchandise. 

Multi-Tier Income
Each affiliate that you sponsor pays you the $50 registration fee to get a website and start making money.  You keep $25.00, which is your earned amount, and send the balance to your sponsor who will keep the sponsor's earned amount and send the balance forward to the next sponsor, and so on. With just 2 affiliates you get back your investment and, going forward, your $25 commissions are straight profit.

Everyone gets the same opportunity, the same start.  You can receive payments from unlimited numbers of your affiliates who sign up as you advertise your site.

Honor System
The big key to our payment process is the Honor System.  Registration payments at your site will be coming directly to you.  You keep your earned amount and you must immediately send the remaining balance to your sponsor.

Be sure to abide by the Honor System.  Failure to co-operate would cause you to be removed from the program.  The system is transparent and it is monitored closely.

The above described process is how everyone here gets paid.

It's a Win, Win Situation
There is no limit to your earnings.  Keep adding affiliates to your network.
If you want to help your business grow, just keep advertising.

Get Your Package
The one-time total cost is only $50.  No Monthly Payments.  No other charges. EVER!

Desired User Name
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What You Get
-Hosted website with referral link
-Email account to receive your Paypal payments 
-Promotional banner
-Social links for you and visitors to recommend your site
-Website translation to visitors' languages
-25% Affiliate discounts at participating Flea Market Booths
-50% of all payments at your site

Good luck!


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