Income Booster Terms

If you do not agree with our terms, please do not join as that is part of the membership requirement!

You will qualify for a refund, if within 120 days:
1. you have received zero referral payments
2. your site received at least 4000 monthly traffic hits to your site

Income Booster strictly prohibits the use of unsolicited mailings of any kind to attract referrals.  Any members found to be using Spam tactics will have their accounts terminated.

Member advertising must be accurate and honest, causing no damage to our reputation.

Members are allowed to have one (1) membership only. 

Members must pay upper tiers within 24 hours of receiving payments.

Violation of the above rules will result in your membership being terminated.

Income Booster reserves the right to terminate a member's account, if there has been no traffic activity at the member's site for two (2) consecutive months.

Associated referrals and unpaid commissions in terminated accounts will be forfeited.

Income booster is a promotional marketing tool used to help members promote their offers on the internet.

Income Booster does not make any promises, written or implied, as to the amount of money that can be made here.

Income Booster, as well as its administrators, partners, and sponsors, cannot be held responsible or liable for any damage or loss of information that may occur as a result of using Income Booster services. Members agree to use said services at their own risk.  Members agree that they will not hold Income Booster or any of their associates liable for any items or policies within this program.

Members are independent owners, responsible for any and all aspects of reporting their own income for tax purposes.

Members have the right to cancel their Income Booster membership at any time. The relationship with Income Booster, including any referrals and unpaid commissions through our program will be forfeited at the time of cancellation.

Income Booster is in no way associated with PayPal and merely uses them to process payments for such things as member payments and paid advertising.

Furthermore, Income Booster will not be held responsible or liable for any problems, damages, or losses that may occur with regard to a member's direct association with PayPal and any other aspects of their PayPal account.

Income Booster reserves the right to change, alter, or add to these terms and conditions as well as discontinue our services at any time.

Member Statement

I have thoroughly read and understand the Income Booster terms and conditions. In accepting an Income Booster site I am automatically accepting membership and agreeing to said terms and conditions.